Double bass Felix Claudot ca 1900

Old double bass by Félix Claudot fully restored

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 106 cm
Width from table to shoulders: 53.3 cm
Min. width Aux C’s: 35.5
Max. table width: 66.3 cm
Table length: 112.5 cm
Tuning fork of the table: 61.7 cm
Max. depth of the ribs: 19.4cm

Origin / Origine :

This double bass wears its original label on back and front:
Félix Claudot, luthier ex ouvrier de la maison Jacquet-Gand , Mirecourt

The Claudot family is well known for its production of double basses.
Félix is grandson of Augustin Claudot et a nephew of Paul Claudot.
Félic Claudot is trained in the workshop of Silvestre & Maucotel in Paris. He established himself in Mirecourt after having worked for 5 additionnal years in the workshop of the Jacquet family, what shows us he had by them a great deal of experience with the making of double basses. He died only 5 years after having set-up his own workshop, which explains why his basses are so rare.
The quality of the materials and the workmanship are of the highest level.

This double bass is made from good quality spruce for its top, and of flammed maple for the ribs, back , neck and scroll.
The front and back of this instrument are fairly light, like many of the basses from the Jacquet workshop at this period.
The model of this double bass and the quality of the maple however are much in the style of the Silvestre et Maucotel workshop.
The model of this double bass, is somehow a transition between the large shouldered basses from the 19th century, and the « pear-shaped » instruments from the 1920’s.
It is therefor a versatile instrument with a good lower register whilst easy accessible in the high register.

General condition / Etat général :

This double bass is original in all its parts and varnish.
This double bass is currently on restoration.