About me

JEROEN BRUYNOOGHE – LUTHIERI have my own workshop specialised in double basses since March 2010. Even if my workshop is a little isolated in the Drôme-Ardeche region, because of my international customers, I am not attached to one particular school of making.

I travel quite often to do sound-adjustments, set-up and minor repair work abroad.
The bigger jobs are however the main part of my activity. For those jobs, I am well-equipped at home, where I can fully concentrate on those time consuming tasks.

I have scheduled the making of new basses, but I see myself as a double bass restorer in the first place. I have a passion for the instruments of the makers of the past, which I can study during their restoration process. I also like the challenge of trying to bring the best out of every single instrument in terms of sound and playing comfort.