Domenico Botelho

May 2014

Jazz player Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

“Jeroen is one of the best and most talented luthiers ever. His knowledge and skills on making, restoring and setting up basses, allow him to do the best for each instrument. Adding this to the fact that he is a great bass player makes him understand completely every player and bass needs. All of my basses have been set up by him and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All of the basses play and sound like a dream. One of them was in a poor playability condition and needed a new fingerboard. After Jeroen’s work, the bass changed completely, now it has a playability and sound to die for. I have also seen some complete restorations performed by Jeroen. Basses that were previously in a very bad condition came back to life after his job and now are top quality instruments. Jeroen is simply the best!”