Double bass Romanian ca 2005

Modern Romanian Double bass

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 105 cm
Width from table to shoulders: 50.8 cm
Min. width At C’s: 36.5
Max. table width : 67.2 cm
Table length: 115.5 cm
Tuning fork of the table: 60 cm
Max. depth of the ribs: 21.9cm

Origin / Origine :

This instrument is in excellent condition and shows only one repair on the table.

The workmanship is typical for the production of contemporary double basses in Romania.

For a slightly more expensive price than a new massive Chinese double bass, this double bass has a rather original model and character.

The top is made of good quality spruce and the back, neck, scroll and ribs are made of flamed maple.

The varnish is slightly aged and the instrument is provided with a double thread and its scroll has an additional “one turn”, inspired by the Brescia school.

This double bass has a very good, brand new quality mounting.

It is easy to play and comfortable to play.

This double bass is an excellent choice for the purchase of a first double bass.

This double bass has no label, no signature…