Double bass JérômeThibouville-Lamy & Cie ca 1950

Semi-modern French double bass

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Length: 112.8
Width Bottom: 64.9
Width CC: 36
Width Top: 50.5
Tuning fork: 61.3
Vibrating Bass Length: 107.5
Max. depth of ribs : 20,3cm

Origin / Origine :

This bass wears its original label :
Fabrication garantie de
Jérôme Thibouville- Lamy & Cie
Luthiers à Paris

This bass is built on a fairly simple pattern and is well suited for the orchestra , or for a Jazz-player.
After world war I , suitable wood was hard to come by in the Mirecourt area,. Therefore, many French basses at the time were no longer made exclusively from maple and spruce. Beechwood is also used in this double bass.
The TBL basses were made in Mirecourt, despite the label telling otherwise.

General condition / Etat général :

This double bass is produced with good quality materials and the workmanship is decent.
The back and ribs are made of slightly figured maple, and the front is made out of regular medium large grained spruce, showing bearclaw figure.
The neck and scroll are made in beechwood, and the fingerboard is of qood quality African ebony.
The bass is made on a gamba pattern without overhanging edges.
The 4 tuners in a 19th century style, are original to this instrument. They are also typical for the TBL-basses., since all other French instrument makers of this period used the bakelite-styled tuners.
This instrument still wears its original varnish.

This bass suffered a worm attack in the past, but it did not deform or undermine its stability.
A complete revision and full set-up was carried out in our workshop.
This bass is easy to play and has good resonance, good projection and a quick response.