Double bass Hungarian2017

Small modern Hungarian double bass

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Length : 113
Bottom Width: 64.5
Width CC : 34.7
Top Width: 48.6
Tuning fork : 59.5
LV : 103.7/104*
Max depth of ribs : 185cm

Origin / Origine :

This double bass does not wear any brand nor label

It was built in Hungary in 2017.
The model of this bass looks French with some italian influences.
The model is relatively small and is therefore well suited for a solo or Jazz player.
The outline is somewhat asymetric and the model unique ,which leads me to think it was built without the use of a mould.

General condition / Etat général :

This bass was assembled with a set of high quality wood.
The back, ribs , neck and scroll are made from highly figured maple, and the front is made from 2 pieces of regular , medium grained spruce.
The fingerboard is made of African ebony of basic quality.
This instrument is built on a violin cornered pattern with a flatback, slightly bend over its complete length.
The 4 tuners are original to this bass.
The varnish is also original but artificially aged.

This double bass had a complete revision and full set-up in our workshop.
This instrument is very easy to play. It has a nice round , slightly dark sound.