Double bass by François Pillement, ca 1800

Named ; Pillement père

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 105.5cm
Width from table to shoulders: 51,8cm
Min. width at C’s: 36,4cm
Max width of the table: 66,8cm
Tuning fork of the table: 60,5cm
Depth: 21.5cm

Origin / Origine :

This double bass wears the brands: F. PILLEMENT PERE A PARIS on the central back brace, and F.PILLEMENT PERE MIRCOURT inside an upper corner block.
Even if we don’t think that François Pillement ever had a workshop at a location other than Mirecourt, we know of a number of instruments by his hand, that have been branded : « à Paris » or « à Crémona » . This way of adding a bit of prestige, was not uncommon in Mirecourt/
François Pillement made double basses of very different models , but we do however reconise his style. The scroll is typically small but heavy, and here the additionnal « cheeks » have been removed during the transition from a 3-string to 4-string bass, although their position is still visible.
This double bass is very Germanic in its conception ; the flat back with angle break, the Stainer modelled f-wholes are set wide apart, and the arching is quite pronounced.
François Pillement made a lot of small and big double basses with mostly large shoulders and a stringlength varying from 100cm to 112cm.
This bass is fairly accesible around the shoulders, and has an ideal stringlength of 105,5cm.
This instrument has never left the region of its construction for long. It belonged to several generations of solo players from l’orchestre de la Lorraine.

General condition / Etat général :

This double bass has been completely restored in our workshop.