Double bass Eberhard Meinel ca 1980

Student instrument made in DDR

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 105.5 cm
Width from table to shoulders: 51.3 cm
Min. width Aux C’s: 35.4
Max. table width : 66.3 cm
Table length: 110.8 cm
Tuning fork of the table: 60 cm
Max. depth of the ribs: 19.9cm

Origin / Origine :

This instrument is in excellent condition for its about 40 years of age, and shows no repairs. The workmanship is typical for the production of industrial double basses from the East German period of the 1970s and 1980s.

I offer this instrument for a cheaper price than a new massive Chinese double bass and it has an ebony fingerboard of a quality no longer found on study instruments today.

The top is made of cedar and the back, neck and scroll are made of flamed maple. The ribs are made of maple plywood.

The orange varnish is cracked on the top.

This double bass has a new good quality pick, a very good quality assembly and brand new strings.

This double bass is easy to play, and comfortable to play.

This double bass is an excellent choice for the purchase of a first double bass.

This double bass has its original label:
Meister Eberhard Meinel in Meisterwerkstätten “Musima” Marknuekirchen Made in German Democratic Republic