Double bass de Joseph Alexis Tournier ca 1880

Small old French double bass Tournier

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 104cm
Width from table to shoulders: 47.5cm
Min. width at C’s: 33.5cm
Max width of the table: 59.7cm
Tuning fork of the table: 59cm
Depth: 20.3cm

Origin / Origine :

This small double bass is labelled by Alexis Tournier:
Anciennes maisons, COLLIN , DARCHE, HENRY-Jules MARTIN
Gendre et succ. de JULES MARTIN
+Boulevard St.Martin +
ATELIERS 3, Rue de Bondy

Joseph Alexis Tournier was the first of 3 generations of Tourniers who were established in Paris.
They specialised in double basses. Double basses wearing their label ,are quite rare and seem to be the work of Joseph Alexis. We also know of bows wearing the Tournier brand , but these were produced in other workshops . The Tourniers were known mostly for repair and rental of double basses. Until this day, hundreds of double basses are wearing the Tournier brand and numbers. These double basses were part of their rental instruments.

This little double bass has perfect proportions for a solo or chamber music player. It has a swell back, slightly bent towards the heel of the neck, as often seen in the French school. Thanks to the reduced depth of the upper part of the body, and its small dimensions, acces to the upper register is super easy.

General condition / Etat général :

This pretty little bass is in a remarquable state of conversation. It has its original varnish and label. The varnish is some of the most beautifull in French double bass making. The varnish is slightly crackelled and spectaculary antiquetted, because of the uncountable little varnish retouch jobs .
This double bass is still under restoration for the moment.