Double bass attributed to the Maucotel family ca 1850

Old French double bass Maucotel

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length : 106 cm
Width from table to shoulders: 53.3 cm
Min. width Aux C’s: 35.5
Max. table width: 66.3 cm
Table length: 112.5 cm
Tuning fork of the table: 61.7 cm
Max. depth of the ribs: 19.4cm

Origin / Origine :

This double bass wears no label nor signature:
The Maucotel family had a solid reputation in France and the UK for instrument making.
The model of this double bass is typical for the Mirecourt from the middle of the 19th century, as well as the Vuillaume workshop in Paris. The secondary button, sculpted in the back, shows us the Stradivari Cello-model. Since the double bass needs more space for acces to the higher register, the upper block has been made longer than the proportionnal cello outline.
The quality of the workmanship and materials are of the highest level.
This double bass is made from good quality spruce for its front and figured maple for the ribs, back and scroll. The scroll has previously been grafted onto a figured maple block.
The front and back of this bass are quite light compaired to other instruments of this period, which indicates that the plates have been regraduated at some stage.
On the back, we can still see the remains of a label, mentionning « la maison Martin », later to become the workshop of the Tournier family. The Tournier family was mostly known for repair, rental and sale of double basses at the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th century, rather than being prolific makers. It is therefore most likely that this bass acquired the Tournier label while it was in for sale for repair in their workshop.



General condition / Etat général :

This double bass was recently fully restored in a Hungarian workshop.
This bass speaks easely, and has a great projection and sustain,whilst having a lot of depth.