Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre à Paris ca 1890

This double bass is still in restoration.

Specifications / Caractéristiques :

Vibrating length: 105cm

Origin / Origine :

This double bass is attributed to the workshop Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre in Paris during the period of the company Silvestre et Maucotel. Even if this double bass is not signed nor labelled, its model is identic to the millimeter to another double bass in my workshop, signed by Félix Claudot . Félix trained in the workshop of H.C Silvestre.
Félix later continued his training in the worksop of the Jacquet family. The difference between the Silvestre and Claudot is seen in the thicknesses of the front and the size of the internal blocks. The ressemblance of the Silvestre double bass, and signed cello’s from his hand, is striking, both in the choice of wood, as well as in the varnish.

General condition / Etat général :

This double bass is still in restoration.